A YORK hip-hop artist has told how his new song - which aims to prevent suicides by getting young people to talk about mental health - resonated with people at its launch in a York bar.

Kritikal Powers, who joined forces with singer songwriter Golden Firs to create the song Paper Wings, said there was a ‘real sense of happiness and togetherness’ at its launch at Forty-Five Vinyl Café in Micklegate.

He said: “The support was something I’ve not felt from a room full of people before in that way. Everyone loved the show and was full of compliments about all the artists and the venue.

“I felt when the song was performed live it really resonated with people.

“The feedback has been extremely positive. I think it gives a message of hope through the struggles of life and shows that it is ok to speak about how you feel.”

Kev Curran, whose social enterprise Inspired Youth produced a video for the song, said it was a powerful song promoting a positive message of hope over adversity.

“The video has been made to promote Papyrus hopeline uk, a helpline for young people to reach out and talk about how they feel.

“If it prevents one suicide or funds one hour of support for a young person in distress or crisis then it made a difference.”

Ottilie Scanlon, of Papyrus, said the fundraisers should be ‘incredibly proud of themselves, adding: “Your money has helped pay for 30 potentially life-saving calls, texts, and emails from a young person struggling with thoughts of suicide to be answered by our HOPELineUK team.”

*To see the video, go to https://youtu.be/Ou8-QTINHM0