A Yorkshire noise monitoring specialist have completed a six-figure contract to supply the Costa Rican government with 50 Optimus Red sound level meters.

Cirrus Research has taken an order of the sound level meters and have shipped them to the Central American country where they are going to be deployed by the Government’s Road Safety Council in a campaign to reduce traffic noise pollution in some of its most built-up cities such as the Capital, San Jose.

The Optimus Red kits had already been used by the Costa Rican police force and proved so popular among the officers for its user-friendly application and reading accuracy that the Road Safety Council followed suit.

The Cirrus R&D team, based at the Head Office in Hunmanby near Bridlington, were also able to modify the units so the sound level data could be printed out by officers on the spot to show to motorists who were breaking noise pollution levels with their vehicles and bikes.