A SELF-PROCLAIMED fat lad’s e-mail to a York restaurant has gone viral after he asked if they serve portions suitable for a man of his size.

Star Inn The City shared the hilarious e-mail exchange on Twitter when the customer enquired about booking a table as part of a Christmas present for his wife.

The anonymous customer, from the North-East, told the riverside restaurant he had “never been anywhere posh before to eat but always fancied it”.

He added: “If we booked in with you for a meal would I have to dress posh?

“I’m a fat lad, would I get a proper fat lad’s plateful or am I better off just stuffing my face into a kebab as per?”

Jo Ellery, the restaurant’s general manager, revealed the e-mail on Twitter and said it was “hands down” the best e-mail they had received and labelled the man a true Yorkshire hero.

Staff replied informing him they do not have a dress code and they serve “generous Yorkshire portions”, but if he still wanted a kebab they would point him in the right direction at the end of the night.

Matt Hunter, a director at the restaurant, told The Press they have continued to exchange e-mails with the customer and will give him a free meal.

He said: “We’ve tracked him down and he is going to come into the restaurant in the new year for a free meal.

“We didn’t think it was going to go as far as it has done, but we sent him an e-mail saying we wanted to share it and he was great about it.

“He told us in another e-mail that he likes to say how it is, and when he comes he will have a wash and a shave, but we told him not to bother because we like beards here!

“We wanted to make sure he didn’t take this the wrong way, but he said he was absolutely loving the fact we have taken it in the spirit he intended.”