An anti-fracking occupation of a work rig high above the fracking well site near Kirby Misperton has ended more than a day after it began. 

A specialist team commissioned by Third Energy brought a man and a woman down this morning. 

They and a companion had ascended the derrick before dawn yesterday and remained there all day and through the night, enduring storm force winds. 

At one point they had let off a flare, prompting the gas company to brand their actions as "reckless" and warn that they were endangering others as well as themselves. 

North Yorkshire Police confirmed that a 21-year-old woman and a 28-year-old man are now in custody having been arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass and criminal damage.

A second man was arrested after he descended the rig yesterday and was released yesterday evening.

A statement this morning from the company said: "Third Energy took the decision to bring in the team from Specialist Group International because of serious concerns for the welfare and safety of the two protestors occupying the rig."

Third Energy director, Alan Linn, said “We are relieved that the two remaining protestors have now been brought down from the rig.

"Their actions put both themselves and people working on the site in jeopardy. Setting off an emergency flare on a live gas site – essentially an open flame – was exceptionally reckless.

"However, I am pleased that we were able to ensure their safety overnight by providing them with proper harnesses and also hot drinks. I would like to commend the rescue team for their professional and sensitive approach to resolving this situation.”

It took 90 minutes to remove the couple who had spent the night on the rig. 

The man who descended yesterday said it was only after he had climbed onto the platform that he remembered that he was scared of heights.