THE last member of a gang that sold drugs on an “industrial” scale from a York council flat has been jailed.

Undercover police counted up to 70 visitors a day going to the flat in Coxwold House, Lowther Street, The Groves, seeking heroin and cocaine, said Tom Storey, prosecuting.

At times there were so many, they formed a queue outside its door to pass money through its letter box and receive drugs in return.

Pamela Dawn Clark, 50, went on the run to Brighton when the rest of the gang was finally rounded up.

Her barrister Glenn Parsons said she got married and started a new life which included medical help in kicking her drug addiction.

But she was arrested on warrant and returned to York where, at York Crown Court, she was jailed for three years.

The other three gang members, all of whom dealt over a longer period and continued to do so while on bail, are currently serving sentences totalling nearly 20 years.

Clark pleaded guilty to two charges of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and one of possession of crack cocaine with intent to supply it. The offences were committed between June 1, 2016, and June 23, 2016.

Mr Parsons, mitigating, said the drug dealing had been set up by the other three gang members and she had become involved when they offered her accommodation in the flat when she was sleeping on the streets.

The Honorary Recorder of York, Judge Paul Batty QC, said: “This was a truly shocking state of affairs, effectively industrial. This is what was operating from these premises in which you were living.”

Clark had had to “pay her way” for being allowed to live in the flat.

Almost exactly a year before she was jailed, Craig Laing, 39, was jailed for seven years and Shayne Garnett, 50, for six. They liaised with the drug suppliers higher up the chain.

Chantelle Kimberley Francesca Laing, 31, who was Craig Laing’s sister and Garnett’s partner, was jailed for five and a half years.

All three had lived in the flat and admitted supplying cocaine and heroin between July 22, 2015, and August 12, 2015, and conspiracy to supply Class A drugs between May 31 and June 24, 2016.

Chantelle Laing also admitted possessing a small amount of heroin when answering bail on January 7, 2016.