A THUG who launched a “sustained and brutal attack” on a brain-damaged, one-legged man in his own home has been jailed for 34 months.

York Crown Court heard that Daniel Wilson's victim - who suffered a fractured eye socket as well as two black eyes, cut eyebrows and forehead and required two CT scans - was especially vulnerable because he had lost a leg and suffered brain damage in a previous road accident.

Wilson had already stolen money and a bank card from his victim, Alan Murray.

Judge Andrew Stubbs QC said Wilson had met his victim after he had missed his last bus home and Mr Murray had kindly offered him the chance to sleep on his floor.

“You repaid that kindness by stealing from him and subjecting him to appalling violence,” he told Wilson, who had 44 previous convictions.

Mr Murray, 59, of Knaresborough, told The Press yesterday: “I was just shocked that anybody was capable of doing such a thing to somebody in my situation.

“I lost a leg in a motorcycle accident in Thailand in 1999 and was in a coma for 22 days.

“It left me with brain damage causing some short-term memory loss and using a wheelchair, which he dragged me out of, and I was living in an extra care home.

“I have only been out of my home twice since it happened back in February, when I was accompanied by police each time.

"I just don’t feel like going out.”

Richard Canning said in mitigation that Wilson, 25, of Claro Road, Ripon, who admitted wounding and theft, had not gone round to Mr Murray’s home with the intention of attacking him.

He should be given credit for his guilty plea, had already served five months on remand and had young children, added Mr Canning.