AN INTREPID biker has returned to Elvington Airfield where he nearly died in a crash just a year ago and has met the medics who helped save his life.

Zef Eisenberg broke 11 bones in his body last year after coming off his Mad Max Turbine motorcycle with a gas turbine engine at 230mph.

He was presumed dead on the scene and airlifted to Leeds General Infirmary, where he was rehabilitated.

The 44-year-old spent three months in hospital, and the rest of the year recovering.

Zef came back to the airfield at the weekend, which was the anniversary of the crash, and raced on a turbine motorbike powered by an engine from a helicopter. He broke 200mph on the bike.

He also met the three medics who came to his aid after the crash.

Zef said: "This weekend was my first time back racing at Elvington or anywhere since last year's mega 230mph crash. It was so great to be back, amongst friends and fellow racers. I was also honoured to hug and shake the hands of the amazing three medics that attended me at the crash scene.

"I came to Elvington with a new Mad Max Turbine bike and the new super-charged 'Green Monster' Hayabusa.

"Saturday was spent tweaking and checking everything on both bikes to make sure all was safe and working. With a 200mph top speed already achieved in the standing mile, I feel great."

"The goal of this weekend was not to break a record on the turbine bike on the tarmac. It's to drive slowly and safely at 200 mph, to prove that everything is back to working normally - the bike, the body and the mind."

Next weekend he is planning to break the land-speed record on sand in Pendine Sands, Carmarthenshire, Wales.