A DIABETIC teenager is leaving her weight problems behind after a personal trainer gave her £2,000 of free coaching.

Sophie Mainprize, 17, from Boroughbridge Road, had suffered with weight issues throughout her life and her mum, Lucy, had been forced to padlock cupboards in their kitchen to bring her daughter’s eating under control.

The 38-year-old mum of two was put under immense pressure to look after he daughter’s weight when her other daughter was diagnosed with an eating disorder.

The York College student had previously lost four stone, but put the weight back on when her older sister became ill.

However, after reaching “the last straw” Mrs Mainprize found Neil Owens, the owner of Podfit personal training, in Market Street, York, in February and he agreed to meet with Sophie.

He promised to help, but only if the teenager could prove she was serious about losing weight, and sent her away for two weeks to record what she was eating.

Sophie returned having lost 5lbs and Neil agreed to coach the York College student.

She said: “It’s given me a lot more confidence to do things I haven’t done before and I feel a lot happier in myself. I didn’t think what I have done was possible before I went to Podfit.”

Mrs Mainprize said: “Sophie has always been overweight since she was a baby, but in 2014 she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

“It was quite a shock for her to get used to the tablets, but we knew she had to get her weight down at the same time. I got her to lose four stone, but that was me getting her to do it whereas Neil has changed her lifestyle.I’m really proud of her.”

Mrs Mainprize believes both of her daughters faced battles with their weight because of an unrealistic perception of what a ‘perfect’ body image is.

She said: “The biggest thing is they both look at how a girl should look and it’s ridiculous. It’s not normal to be a size zero or be the other end of the spectrum. Sophie was at a point where she couldn’t even get out of a chair and at 16 that’s heartbreaking for her. I just want them to be healthy and active.”

Mr Owens said: “It’s been a brilliant story, a successful one and we are really proud of Sophie.

“She is a great girl and has really changed the way she approaches fitness.

“As far as I’m concerned she can stay as long as she sticks with the programme.”