YORK filmmaker Dave Thorp has prompted fierce debate online after releasing his new film about fracking on YouTube.

Dave said that after finishing his 30-minute thriller "2 Miles Under," he had planned on releasing it to film festivals around the world but had a change of heart, feeling the content and message was of immediate importance.

"I released it onto YouTube for free because I felt so strongly about the issues it covered," he said.

"The reaction was immediate. The majority of people loved it - but a significant minority of the anti-fracking protesters hated it and they voiced their feelings on the internet.

"Their comments included: "a really poorly made film," "cliched and amateur, "sooo badly acted," "embarrassing for everyone involved" and "the editing is poor, and the acting is even worse."

But others said: "fantastic short film," "what a fantastic film," "awesome film - great message as well," and "excellent effort getting the message across in an exciting way."

He said people could see the film at https://youtu.be/sDeyIMzYVRA  to judge for themselves.

He has said the fictional film is based on real hydraulic fracturing incidents, including earth tremors and skin rashes.