IT may not be the biggest or most expensive eatery in town, but to its customers, Los Moros is without compare.

The tiny food kiosk in Shambles Market has beaten every other food outlet in York - from high end restaurants to popular pubs - to become the number one rated eatery on TripAdvisor.

Of the 147 reviews written for Los Moros on the online travel site, 93 per cent give the kiosk an “excellent” five out of five rating.

Together, the scores of glowing reviews mean Los Moros is number one out of 695 York eateries on TripAdvisor.

Tarik Abdeladim, who runs the North African and Levantine food stall, said: “It really is remarkable, we initially used Trip Advisor as a tool to get found, but we never expected to get to number one.

“I enjoy doing what I love, the most rewarding thing is hearing people’s great reviews and seeing them coming back to Los Moros.

“It’s been a long journey, but we’ve got through the tough times and it’s finally starting to pay off. It’s amazing to see the food court’s bustling transformation, I would say it’s a real success story.”

The name Los Moros comes from the Spanish for “Moorish people” and Tarik, who is originally from Algiers, said Moorish cuisine played a big role in his upbringing and is the culinary inspiration.

The stall was one of the first to open in the Shambles Food Court, which is now in its third year. Tarik said: “I’ve seen a lot happen in the Food Court since its opening. The floods hit us really hard in the first winter, I saw many kiosks around me close down and sometimes I would be the only one open, but I always had this feeling in my heart that this was a good space with real potential.”

Tarik gets up at 5am to prepare his “pride and joy” - Merguez sausages from scratch, and Los Moros’ Persian chicken wrap is another dish popular with the stall's regulars.

Chris Price, who is head of markets for Make it York, congratulated Tarik on his success.

Chris added: “Since we set up the outdoor Food Court within the Shambles Market, our aim has been to create a lovely outside space where locals and visitors can meet, eat and greet.

“We’re thrilled that Tarik’s hard work has paid off and delighted to see so many people using the space. We really appreciate all the support York people are giving to our independent local producers.”