A DRIVER whose jet-powered car flipped at 250mph during a bid to break the UK land speed record, walking away with just bruises, has vowed to have another go.

In an incident bearing shocking similarities to the crash which almost killed former Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond 11 years ago, journalist David Tremayne, 64, from Darlington, came within 30mph of breaking the record when his beloved Duo Stay Gold jetcar flipped and rolled at about 250mph.

Dramatic video footage of the moment the car veered out of control at Elvington airfield, near York, at the weekend, was captured by a cockpit camera.

Mr Tremayne managed to get himself out of the car and was checked over by paramedics.

He said he only suffered bruises, never dreamt of going to hospital, and is determined to get the car back into shape so he can have another attempt at the 301mph record.

“It was interesting how detached you can be, how devoid of serious heart-in-the-mouth fear or adrenaline surge,” he told The Northern Echo last night.

Mr Tremayne, who follows Grand Prix around the world in his work as a journalist, has spent the past five years getting the car ready with a team of dedicated friends and volunteers.

He has also had the support of the Project Bluebird team, which is restoring Donald Campbell’s infamous boat.

Mr Tremayne said after so long getting the car ready and battling setbacks, they were delighted with how it was performing before the crash.

“We averaged 275.2 mph through the 500 metres, which we covered in four seconds. It peaked at 296mph,” he said.

“To have it within 30mph of the record on the first ever run was something.

“Then as I put the parachute out suddenly the car went sideways, it was on its side and rolled over at around 250mph, I jumped out and it carried on down the track.”

He added: “I always believed the car would never hurt me. I am quite stoical about it.”

The team is now planning to repair the car ready for another go at breaking the record.

Mr Tremayne said: “You promise people that you are going to climb a mountain but until you get to the bottom of the mountain you don’t know how big the mountain is. As a team we did a good job after five years of disappointments.

“Now we have to find some more resources, it isn’t the disaster that most people would see it as.

“We are only little guys, we will be regrouping and I am hoping we can encourage people to back us and we will have another go as soon as we can afford to.

“The great thing is we have a car that can actually do it.”

Mr Tremayne, who has written several books about racing, said his wife Trish has been totally supportive.

“She said at least I had come within 30mph of the record. She’s from the North so she just doesn’t panic,” he said.

But he added: “I have seen accidents, I was there when Ayrton Senna was killed, and I wouldn’t go through the angst of putting somebody else in the car, it’s up to me.

“My eldest son Tom would love to do it, but that is not happening.”

In September 2006 Richard Hammond suffered serious head injuries, spending weeks in hospital, when he tried the same run at Elvington airfield in a jet propelled Vampire dragster while filming for Top Gear.

The vehicle left the track rolling down a grass embankment trapping him inside. He is said to have reached speeds of 314mph before crashing.