A DALEK met Dr Who in York today - after showing its kinder, gentler side to assorted Ghostbusters, Batman, Stormtroopers and Darth Vader.

After making a routine threat to exterminate everyone at York Racecourse, the Dalek went on to collect money for a sick children's charity and proclaim: "Daleks are the supreme masters of the Universe but in the meantime, I will help sick children and when they are better, they will become like us!"

It then went on to a peaceful meeting with Tom Baker, alias York Dr Who fan Pete Walker, armed only with a sonic screwdriver.

Close by, a real former Dr Who, Peter Davison, and his companion Nyssa, aka Sarah Sutton, signed things and met a stream of fans of TV's top drama.

Ghostbuster fans Amy Telford, Emma McBryde and Gwyneth Griffiths came down from Newcastle to appear as their heroines, while Manny Lignos from York appeared as Darth Vader.

They were all taking part in the third annual York Unleashed event, attended by thousands of people - and aliens - from all over the country and Galaxy, many of whom took the chance to dress up in amazing costumes to become their favourite sci fi, comicbook, movie or TV character.

Visitors saw vintage cars, superhero props, a thirty foot tall Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and could take part in lightsaber training, NERF role play, Zombie Survival School, and target shooting at an outdoor shooting range, while dozens of trading tables sold comicbooks, collectables and other memorabilia.