YORK Barbican became a smoky lounge at the Sands on Friday night. Dress code formal; delivery very informal.

Pete Long charmed the crowd as baton-wielding ring master in a circus of musical acrobats and grace provided by the Ronnie Scott's Jazz Orchestra.

Sinatra never wrote a song but Fly Me To The Moon, The Lady Is A Tramp and Come Fly With Me are Sinatra songs; the composers just wrote them!

Stigers stood like a musical Roger Federer as the crowd marvelled at his power, control and personality in every note. When Samson lost his flowing locks he lost his power but the now silver-fox Stigers has gone from strength to strength.

This wasn't a young Blue Eyes like Michael Buble portrays. Stigers delivers the edgier Sinatra with a swagger,a scotch in his hand and gangsters sat nearby who could make people "disappear".

The band, a Who’s Who of jazz talent, delivered a rare combination of groove and taste that sets them a class apart. They know each seat has been hard-earned and they want to keep hold of it. Based on tonight, there will be a No Vacancies sign up for years to come!

Stigers' arrangement of I wonder Why was as beautiful as anything I have ever heard live. His graduated rasp, emotion and soulful execution were spellbinding.

Perhaps the true star of the show wasn’t the band, nor Stigers, but the arrangements: works of pure perfection that transported us to another time and place; a masterclass in light and shade.

Only two letters separate 'Music' from 'Magic' but tonight they felt the same.

Congratulations to the Great Yorkshire Fringe for bringing such world-class talent to our city. York deserves nights like this.