A SPECIAL kind of funeral procession was held through York yesterday - for a man who died in the 18th Century.

A horse-drawn carriage marked the return of highwayman Dick Turpin, as part of York Dungeon’s latest show.

The ‘reverse funeral’ saw Dick come back from the dead to retrace the route of his final days in York, in reverse, from Knavesmire - where he was hanged - past York Minster, the Blue Boar pub where his body was taken, the Castle Museum where he was imprisoned, and ending at York Dungeon for the latest show - which starts today.

Stuart Jarman, general manager at York Dungeon, said: “We’re extremely excited about bringing Dick Turpin back for our brand new show and wanted to mark the occasion with something that hasn’t been done before in York and we expect will turn a few heads. We recently uncovered new evidence that Dick Turpin may not be buried where many thought he was. Now we can reveal that he is in fact alive and well, and will be lying in wait for unwitting Dungeon visitors from Tuesday.” For more information go to thedungeons.com/york.