A YORK paedophile who abused seven girls has been told to put his affairs in order and prepare for a second long prison sentence.

Former Nestle employee John William Robinson, 57, had just admitted sexually abusing three girls of primary school age.

He has already served a seven-year sentence for abusing four other girls aged between five and 12, starting in 1998.

Adjourning his latest case until 22 August at York Crown Court, Judge Andrew Stubbs QC said: "You will be receiving another lengthy sentence having entered the pleas you have entered.

"As an exercise by the court of mercy, I am going to grant you bail so you can put your affairs in order."

Caroline Wigin, prosecuting, said Robinson had told the three new victims not to reveal what he was doing.

They had made their allegations before some time ago, but the prosecution then had decided to discontinue the case.

The judge said the three had recently made their allegations again.

Robinson, of Walmer Carr, Wigginton, pleaded guilty to six indecent assaults against one victim and three against each of the other two. The offences occurred between 1996 and 1999.

In August 2012, he was jailed for seven years for seven charges of child abuse and indecent assault against four other girls committed in his then home in Haxby starting in 1998.

He worked for Nestle for 31 years and has lived in and around York for almost 20 years.

His barrister Michael Rawlinson said he had been released from prison on parole in 2016 and had been in regular contact with the probation service since.

"He needs time to put his affairs in order to prepare himself and his wife for the substantial sentence he is going to receive."