YORK has featured on a “top ten” list of places in the UK where people do not drink enough water.

People in the city drink only 846ml of water a day, making it eighth worst in the country, according the the 50 Shades of Yellow Hydration study.

The research was commissioned by SodaStream and analysed by Dr Dawn Harper, who has urged people to look at the colour of their urine to check whether they are drinking enough water.

The findings reveal that while nearly two thirds of Brits acknowledge that dark urine is a known indicator of poor hydration levels, only 42 per cent take action.

The study, released today, also reveals that one in seven Brits confess to not drinking any water, and 38 per cent are turning to high-sugar and less

hydrating flavoured fizzy drinks.

The study showed that people in Plymouth do worst on hydration, drinking on average 692ml of water a day. Leeds came in fourth from the bottom on 807ml, while people in Aberystwyth do best drinking 1250ml a day.