EYE-CATCHING artwork featuring fantastic creatures and artistic trees designed by pupils at St Barnabas School will decorate an Edible York container in Leeman Park.

Artist Lesley Hick and Edible York Trustee Caroline Stockdale worked with Year 2 pupils to create designs for the container that is use to store apples gleaned in York.

Headteacher Karen Boardman, said: "We love to get the children involved in local community projects and Edible York's Abundance project is a perfect opportunity.

"They benefitted from some great art sessions and learned about the natural world, growing food and sustainability."

The pupils based their ideas on a book called Tree: Seasons come, Seasons go, by Patricia Hegarty, illustrated by Britta Teckentrup .

Artist Ms Hick drew inspiration from the children's designs for each season to create the final artwork for the container, which is being painted by Friends of Leeman Park Group volunteers.

Trustee Ms Stockdale said Holgate Ward funding was obtained to pay for the painting of an ex shipping container that is used to store apples that have been picked by Edible York's Abundance project.

"We collect fruit from trees around York that would otherwise go to waste, and redistribute it in the community and charities," she said.

"We collect the best surplus fruit and give this away to residents of York through various not-for-profit community projects. Even damaged fruit and windfalls can be collected and used for preserves and juicing. We'd love to hear from people who love fruit and hate to see it wasted, through our Facebook page or email info@edibleyork.org.uk.

"The shipping container was obtained last year from a crowd funding campaign and is used to store fruit and equipment. The decoration will be finished shortly."

A final celebration of the project is also planned for later in the summer.