A YORK man died after repeatedly telling mental healthcare workers he was considering suicide, an inquest has heard.

Craig Bellamy died on July 11 last year following an overdose, but had been receiving help for mental health problems in the weeks leading up to his death.

An inquest in New Earswick heard Mr Bellamy had a history of psychotic depression, alcohol excess and drug use, and had sought help from his GP and local mental health services last summer.

York Press:

The inquest heard Mr Bellamy was suffering from paranoia and was convinced someone was going to kill him, and had told care workers during home-based appointments he had bought several packets of paracetamol and was considering taking his own life to “do it before someone else does”. Mr Bellamy was visited by mental healthcare workers at his home in Feversham Crescent on July 1, and they were due the next day, but he phoned and told them he had taken an overdose, and was rushed to York Hospital. He was transferred to St James’ Hospital in Leeds and initially considered for a liver transplant, but the damage to his liver was so severe, he was instead given palliative care and died in hospital on July 11. Mr Bellamy’s sister Zoe said she was disappointed that warning signs were missed, and there were inconsistencies in her brother’s care. She said: “I feel there were definitely missed opportunities. I’m no doctor but one day he says he wants to be admitted the next he doesn’t, but if you don’t know what’s real and what’s not, something should be done. The warning signs were easy to spot. I wanted him to be sectioned, and get the help he needed, and to be able to have a brother again.” Paul Stephenson, serious incident investigator for TEWV carried out a review into Mr Bellamy’s care after his death, and said: concluded that he had shown awareness of his illness and sought help.

He said teams had not been able to access some of Mr Bellamy’s records, which could have helped inform their actions, and “there was a missed opportunity on June 30 when Mr Bellamy requested admission to a mental facility”, and there were “learning issues for the trust relating to historical and contextual risks”. Coroner, Rob Turnbull, concluded he wasn’t satisfied Mr Bellamy intended to commit suicide as he phoned mental health services to alert them and told of his intentions.

*Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123. The NHS 24/7 crisis service in York is on 01904 526582. If somebody is at serious risk of harm you should call 999. York Mind offers support on 01904 643364.