A NEW exhibition exploring human identity through the experience of sleep has been launched in York.

Artist and filmmaker Susan Aldworth’s exhibition, The Dark Self, was inspired by her research into sleep during a three-year residency funded by the Wellcome Trust at the University of York, working with neuroscientist Professor Miles Whittington and art historian Professor Michael White.

Susan uses an everyday object – the pillowcase - as a visual metaphor for sleep, and as a recurring motif.

The exhibition features hundreds of pillowcases embroidered with personal sleep narratives in words and images by hundreds of people from all walks of life.

It includes a series of porcelain and plaster sculptures in which the artist has captured the indentation left by the sleeper on the pillow.

In addition, visitors can enjoy an innovative film score which was created by recording sleeping brainwaves, believed to be a world first.

The exhibition is being held at York St Mary's Church, in Castlegate, and will run until September 3.