HOW many more people have to be hurt or killed by wild animals kept in confinement before we accept that these animals do not belong in captivity?

Every year, we see – yet still fail to learn – that caging them brings tragedy to both them and humans.

No amount of time in a zoo, circus, or marine park can take away their natural instincts, and denying them the chance to engage in any of the activities that give their life meaning is torment for them – so it can hardly come as a surprise that many lash out when they get the opportunity.

Even the “best” zoos can never meet all the unique environmental, nutritional, and social needs of the various species they imprison.

As long as we continue to treat wild animals as living exhibits, it’ll only be a matter of time before we’re talking about the next victim of a captive-animal attack.

With so many enthralling and humane ways to learn about animals, there’s never any reason to buy a ticket to the zoo.

Jennifer White, Media and partnerships co-ordinator, PETA UK, London