A GREEN-MINDED volunteer from near York has been doing her bit for the environment during a ten-week project in Asia.

Adelle Kama, 19, from Pocklington, recently volunteered with sustainable development charity Raleigh International and took part in an environmental project in Borneo.

Adelle said: “My sister did Raleigh three years ago and she told me she had the most amazing time, so I wanted to try it out myself. I am in my gap year and I wanted to do something not just for fun but something that would benefit others.”

Adelle worked in partnership with Bornean volunteers on an environmental project in Sabah, helping to build a bridge which would improve access around Danum Valley Conservation Area.

She explained: “At Danum Valley my team and I helped build a bridge. Projects in Danum Valley set out to create a wildlife corridor for the animals. Our bridge will help improve access for conservationists, helping to create a better future for the rainforest and to conserve the biodiversity.

“There was lots of manual work in building the bridge, from starting the cementing process to taking sand from the beach up a massive hill, we had to take metal rods down the hill. It was quite hard and we had to work together to make sure everything was safe for us to do.”

Volunteers on Raleigh’s Expedition programme, who are aged 17-25, work on various long-term projects that address the sustainable development goals.

They complete environmental projects which protect biodiversity and the natural environment, and help make communities more resilient to the effects of climate change.

Following her Raleigh Expedition, Adelle is passionate about the environment and is encouraging other young people to be active this World Environment Day, on Monday. Adelle said: “I’ve learnt a lot about the forests themselves and the environment. I wasn’t aware of the impact that palm oil and deforestation has here until now. So now I think it’s extremely important for young people to take part in these kind of projects, as we are the people who can make a difference. If we start changing the world and preserving these resources, we are ensuring a better world for ourselves and our future. It really does open your eyes to the world and makes you want to channel your energy into more important matters like climate action.”