THE NHS body which runs health services for York is expected to have reached the end of the financial year with a deficit of £28.1 million.

Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group is classed as being in special measures because of ongoing troubles with its finances and is being overseen by NHS England.

A recent report suggests the end of year deficit will be offset by a financial reserve, improving the situation by £4.3m to £23.8m.

However, further cuts are likely to see the NHS in York end 2017/18 with a deficit of £44.1m and £53.9m by 2018/19.

Further cut backs to services will be necessary, Vale of York CCG has warned. A spokesperson for Vale of York CCG said: “The CCG is working closely with its partner organisations to deliver financial recovery and work to deliver an improved position continues.

“The system will have to work in a new way to help improve outcomes and achieve value for money.”

As reported in The Press, health bosses intend to cut almost £50 million from NHS services in the York area over the next four years.

Six areas have been targeted for spending cuts by 2020/21: elective orthopaedics, where cuts of £3million could be made, out of hospital services have potential for £15m in cuts, outpatients £2m, continuing healthcare and funded nursing care, £9.6m prescribing, £6.2m and high-cost drugs, £2.1m.

Plans on how to make the cuts in each area are yet to be exactly specified but suggestions have been outlined in a medium term financial strategy from the CCG.

In the instance of continuing healthcare, the CCG may consider sending patients to cheaper out-of-area placements, it notes.

The Vale of York receives the lowest funding per head of the population across the region.

The cuts are being made in connection with Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) being produced in 44 areas of England to redesign NHS services.

York and Ryedale are included in the Humber Coast and Vale area, which is is required by the government to find savings to plug a £420 million funding gap.