CAMPAIGNERS against Drax’s use of biomass and coal staged a protest outside York’s Grand Hotel as power station bosses held their AGM.


Drax is among the UK’s largest coal burners and the world’s largest burner of biomass, but its operations have faced criticism from protestors who claim carbon emissions from wood burning can equal those of coal.


Concerns were also raised about claims Drax receives nearly £1.5 million a day in ‘renewable energy’ subsidies paid via a surcharge on electricity bills.


York’s Unite Community also attended the protest to highlight concerns about air pollution.


Cllr Andy Hiles, of Selby District Council, said: “We’re appalled that these forms of dirty energy receive £1.5 million a day out of our bills, when that money could be going to genuine renewable energy like wind and solar, and to home insulation, which would also provide a lot of jobs.”