POLICE in North Yorkshire have a new weapon to clampdown on dodgy drivers - an unmarked lorry.

North Yorkshire Police are using the lorry to try to catch drivers using their mobile phones behind the wheel.

The lorry is being used as part of the force’s ongoing Operation Spartan, which aims to make the roads of North Yorkshire a safer place to travel.

The activity is also part of a national initiative called Operation Tramline.

Inspector Dave Barf, of North Yorkshire Police’s Roads Policing Group, said: “Throughout last week the team dealt with people for offences ranging from no MOT to driving whilst using a mobile phone.

“By using the unmarked HGV the operation emphasises the fact that we will be using all tactical enforcement methods available to us to keep our roads safe, such as high visibility patrols, unmarked patrols, covert patrols, unmarked HGVs, unmarked motorcycle equipped with speed detection and video recording equipment and the safety camera vans.

“Road users who choose to flout the law and drive in a dangerous manner should be aware that we are out patrolling the roads in a number of ways and we will target and prosecute those who chose to ignore the warnings and place themselves and other road users in danger.”

On Tuesday last week, police caught three motorists using their mobile phones while driving in just one-and-a-half hours using the unmarked lorry.