HE works as a conductor on the York-Harrogate line’s diesel trains - but now Paul Mirfin is starring in a new music video filmed on a steam train near York.

The Paul Mirfin Band’s new song, The Fighter, inspired York filmmaker Dave Thorp to create the video on the Derwent Valley Light Railway at Murton.

The award-winning director had just completed filming in Switzerland when he was called in by producer Velton Lishke to bring the song alive on screen.

Dave said he was fortunate enough to have access to the light railway, and there seemed a natural connection between the message of the song -life’s journey and its conflicts - and Paul’s love and life with railways.

“Paul, who lives in Knaresborough, is more regularly seen by passengers on the York to Harrogate rail line, where he is a conductor.,” he said.

“The lyrics are key. Paul’s message was powerful and this was the starting point for a music video that developed in a mini-movie.

“The song is about the inner conflicts so many of us face throughout our lives – and about the way some of us choose to deal with those fights. It shows us that peace, and love and tolerance can overcome anger, hatred and torment.

“Paul explained to me that the lyrics have to resonate and tell some sort of a story, otherwise there’s no reason to listen to a song.’

“That was a great starting point to create a video storyline.”

He said the band’s music was influenced by the likes of Johnny Cash and Mumford and Sons, ‘so we really wanted to main a ‘country feel’ that would appeal to Paul’s worldwide audience.’

He said: “The band were a pleasure to work with. They’ve been gigging constantly across Yorkshire but have a rapidly increasing fan base reaching Japan, Alaska and South Africa after recently playing at the massive FNB Stadium in Johannesburg.

“Their music is a Yorkshire version of American country porch music, at times leaning towards folk rock and blues.”

*To see the band’’s new video on YouTube, readers should go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Up2KDQbWls.