TWELVE protesters from York were arrested during an anti-Trident protest at a nuclear base in Scotland.

It is understood the protesters, most of whom are students in York, were arrested by officers from Strathclyde Police and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and charged with breach of the peace, after their human blockade prevented traffic from entering Faslane submarine base, in Clyde.

As part of the demonstration, the protesters lay down on the road and were chained together.

Richard Lane, 29, of Fishergate, of York contingent of protest group Faslane 365 was one of those arrested.

He said that after he and most of the other York protesters were arrested and charged, they were taken to police stations and held overnight.

Mr Lane said he and the others were released yesterday, but would hear by letter if they would be required to go to court.

He said the action was part of a week of "creative" action against the recent decision to spend billions on renewing Britain's nuclear weapons.

He said the York contingent included students from York College, The University of York, University of York St John and Fulford School.

Protester Jonathan Tod Pittam, 18, of Fulford School, said: "The overwhelming majority of young people today oppose the renewal of Britain's nuclear weapons. It is our generation that will have to deal with their effects.

A spokeswoman for Strathclyde Police said: "We made 25 arrests at Faslane on Monday. A further 12 arrests were made by police from the MOD."