J COOPER, barrister and chairman of the League Against Cruel Sports, (Hunt warning, letters, June 23) has made a mischievous attempt to intimidate hunts in our area.

I know several hunt masters and huntsmen and hunt followers in the Yorkshire region, and can assure J Cooper that none of his so-called minority exists in this neck of the woods. Not one of them will be attempting to break the laws, under which they are legally allowed to hunt.

I would like to draw barrister Cooper's attention to the fact that although the right-to-roam merchants have the right by law to trample over designated footpaths on farmers' land, his trouble-seekers in the League Against Cruel Sports don't have the right to trample willy-nilly over farmers' land, and with batons, mobile phones and cameras.

Barrister Cooper could find himself defending them in private prosecutions for trespassing.

Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby.