A PHYSICS teacher at Pocklington school has co-authored a new book on science and religion.

David Hutchings, who studied physics with business management at the University of York, has worked with Tom McLeish, Professor of Physics at Durham University and an Anglican lay reader, on the book, ‘Let there be science, why God loves science, and science needs God.’

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, has said he commends the book 'to all who would like to know better how faith is fertile ground for the growth of science.'

In the book, the authors examine the story of science, and look at the part that Christianity has played, say their publishers.

"In example after example, ranging from 1500 BC to the present day, they show that thinking in keeping with a Christian worldview has been intimately involved with, and sometimes even directly responsible for, some of the biggest leaps forward that science has ever made," they said.

"Aimed at a general readership, including school and university students studying science, as well as anyone with no previous scientific or religious experience, this is a very accessible and fascinating exploration into the wonderful relationship between science and faith."