TWO bells at a city centre church are set to ring out again this year after being conserved and re-installed in a new bell frame.

The bells at St Helen’s in St Helen’s Square date back to 1621 and 1628 and are attributed to York bell foundry William Oldfield, said warden Anthony Hammersley.

“They were rendered inoperable in the early 1990s,” Mr Hammersley said. “Bells of such antiquity are an important part of the history of our parish and the parochial church council has decided they should not be left dormant any longer.”

He said the bells had been inspected and were believed to be perfectly usable. The Whitechapel foundry would remove them later this month for conservation, and they would be returned in March.

“As well as ringing for services, they will be programmed to announce the time by means of quarterly chimes and striking the hours.” Donations towards the £20,000 cost can be made by texting SHSM14£xx to 70070 or c/o the Reverend EJ Nattrass, 52 Bootham York YO30 7BZ.