Another year comes to an end, and now, right at its death, comes the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. The Press’s great pub quiz of 2016.

If you’ve friends round over New Year, then abandon all talk of resolutions, Christmas presents, and the tumultuous events of the past year.

Instead, hand out some pens and paper and see how well you know the region’s beer scene. Some of these questions relate to the past 12 months; others are timeless.

There are 40 points up for grabs. Good luck. The link to the answers is here or at the foot of this page. 

1 - Which pub, whose garden touches the Bar Walls, shares its name with an American city?

2 - Which new brewery opened in Walmgate in April and won champion local beer at the York Beer and Cider Festival?

3 - Which pub in Micklegate closed in January, reopened as Sociale in June, then reverted to its old name just before Christmas?

4 - Which Scottish pub chain also opened in Micklegate this year?

5 - Which Yorkshire brewery, whose beers include Nightmare Porter, celebrated its 25th anniversary this year?

6 - Long-serving landlord Dave Roberts departed from which pub in the summer?

7 - Ainsty Ales began production at its own site in the autumn. In which village, just outside York, are they based?

8 - Bad Seed and Brass Castle Breweries are based in which town?

9 - Which two York pubs are named after York MPs of the 1800s?

10 - Campaigners are currently trying to save which pub, in the Leeman Road area?

11 - In February, what was named York Camra’s pub of the year?

12 - Which city-centre pub had the unusual distinction of being made the theme for a Daily Telegraph cryptic crossword earlier this month?

13 - The owners of the award-winning Goodmanham Arms in East Yorkshire recently also took and over and reopened The Bay Horse in which Ryedale village?

14 - Which brewery produced Beery McBeerface in the summer, for the York Festival of the Rivers?

15 - The Deramore Arms closed in August and has yet to reopen. In which village is it?

16 - The Leeds-based North Bar chain opened a new outlet earlier this year in which North Yorkshire town?

17 - The Cock and Bottle in Skeldergate was built partly from the materials salvaged during the demolition of which older pub in the street?

18 - Which York pub is also the name of a pantomime?

19 - The Acomb Hotel in Acomb changed its name. To what?

20 - Which city-centre pub shares its name with a famous poet, and has his picture on its hanging sign?


Unravel these anagrams to reveal the names of pubs in York. Any ‘the’ at the start of a pub name has been excluded.

21 - Reset hunt

22 - A velvet spam nut

23 - Legal Blond

24 - A granite newt

25 - Ten horn engine


Identify these York pubs by their initials and the initials of their streets

26 - The BG in M

27 - The TB in NL

28 - The B in HR

29 - The F in HR

30 - The M in SR


Identify these York pubs:

31 - 3.14159 against Northern Ireland

32 - Unpaid limbs

33 - Highest-ranking mail delivery

34 - Use fist against a piece of tableware

35 - Important rocks and gems


We've removed the names from these York pubs. Can you still identify them?


York Press:


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York Press:

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