AS a barrister and chairman of the League Against Cruel Sports Prosecution Unit, I would like to bring to your readers' attention the recent prosecution of two stag-hunters who were found guilty of hunting deer with hounds.

The recent judgment in the private prosecution brought by the league will lead to significant changes in hunts right across the country.

The finding of the judge in the case was that, unsurprisingly, the Hunting Act had banned the hunting of wild mammals with dogs for sport and recreation.

If a hunt or a hunter goes out with the intent of hunting for sport and recreation, albeit in a manner which might be exempt under the schedules of exemptions from the Act, then that is a crime.

While I am not implying that members of hunts in the Yorkshire area would dream of breaking the law, they should be aware that their actions will be monitored and where necessary the league will seek to prosecute the minority who continue to flout the law.

J Cooper, Union Street, London.