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IF you like your beers dark and different, then you should be clearing your diary for Wednesday evening right now.

At The Waggon and Horses in Lawrence Street, one of England’s most consistently-excellent producers of such beers will be taking centre stage.

Licensees Tom and Paulina Renshaw are hosting a ‘tap takeover’ event with Stoke-based Titanic Brewery, giving over all seven of their handpulls.

There are three varying pale ales, with predictably-themed names: White Star, Iceberg and Steerage.

But many will be drawn first and foremost to the darker options on the bar: Plum Porter, Cherry Dark, Chocolate Vanilla Stout, Cappuccino Stout, whose names give a pretty clear indication of their styles.

York Press:

The Waggon is owned by Bateman’s Brewery in Lincolnshire, but a change in company policies has recently made it easier for tenants to source a wider variety of beers.

In recent weeks, Ossett beers have been proving popular, and Tom says they and Rooster’s may well feature in future tap takeover events. But first, it’s Titanic’s turn.

York Press:

Titanic’s Plum Porter has long been a favourite at The Waggon, particularly since Tom and Paulina took over here in just over two and a half years ago.

The beer has won a raft of awards over the years, including the gold medal in the speciality category in the 2015 Champion Beer of Britain awards, and now accounts for more than half the brewery's production.

Tom says: "They are well known and they have won a lot of gongs from different sources.

"You see their beers around in a few outlets but they are a bit different to the norm in York, and it’s got a big following with our regulars.”

Greig Futcher from Titanic will be representing the brewery, and plans to organise a Titanic-themed giveaway, with everyone who buys a pint being given a raffle ticket, and draws once or twice throughout the evening.

"There will also be some nibbles and pairings of beer and food, including a chutney and a chocolate cake, both made with the Plum Porter.

Greig says: "I love doing these evenings, and meeting people who drink our beers further from the brewery."

He said the beers and giveaways always proved popular and said: "Hopefully people leave the pub with a good impression of Titanic and the night they have had, and the next time they will recall a really good night and order another one of our beers.

"We will hopefully also get some new people to try the beer, rather than the beer they normally drink, and then if they see it again they will remember it."

  • The event begins at 7pm on Wednesday 9 November, at The Waggon and Horses in Lawrence Street, York