PLANS have been submitted to create a new microbrewery on the site of a North Yorkshire airfield.

Businessmen who run ‘Learn to Brew’ courses in Leeds have set up Crooked Brewing Ltd and want to open a 1,400-litre microbrewery at Church Fenton Aerodrome, the Leeds East Airport.

The application is for a temporary change of use of a building at the airport for a period of three years, to allow the brewers to expand their operation.

York Press:

A report submitted with the application said: “Initially it is intended that the Crooked Brewing Limited shall undertake two brews per month - 2,800 litres per month - with the intention to increase this to four brews per month over a period of three months - 5,600 litres per month.”

The microbrewery would be used three days each week, with two staff, and the public would not be allowed to enter, though customers could visit by appointment. The brewers said the development will create “opportunities through training and apprenticeships”.