KELLY BLAIR was only nine when she was told her dad would never be coming home.

The pain of losing him has stayed with her since and the 32-year-old landlord still feels a sense of loss and injustice.

Alexander Blair, a Falklands veteran, was cycling to work at the Nestle Rowntree factory on August 22, 1993, when he was hit by a driver and died at the roadside.

Mr Blair, who was the same age his daughter is now, was killed by hit-and-run driver Colin Stancliffe, then 23, in Wigginton Road, York.

The father-of-three was thrown onto the bonnet of Stancliffe’s Datsun Sunny and his bike was dragged beneath it.

York Press: Road to Justice embed

Stancliffe sped off and hid his car in a garage, but handed himself in two days later and pleaded guilty to death by dangerous driving and was jailed for four years.

Miss Blair is today backing The Road To Justice campaign, which calls on the Government to re-write sentencing guidelines for drivers who kill or seriously injure others on the roads.

We believe reckless drivers responsible for killing or inflicting life-changing injuries should not be punished lightly and believe sentencing guidelines need to change to give victims and families a sense of justice when they walk out of the courtroom to begin rebuilding their lives.

“I thought the sentence was a joke and some people get longer for a punching somebody in a drunken brawl,” said Kelly, 23 years on from her father’s death.

“People don’t understand the seriousness of getting into a car.

“My mum has never been the same and when I see similar stories on the news the sentences are shocking.

"He only missed two Christmas Days with his family and it felt like a slap on the wrist to me and my family.

“He left my dad at the side of the road and he didn’t die quickly, it was very slow,” added Kelly.

“He drove off and left my dad to die and he only got four years.

To support the campaign, go to and sign the petition to urge MPs to take action.