ANGELA Scott was still riding a wave of happiness when she cycled home from work one fine summer’s evening.

Doctors had told her only hours earlier she was expecting her first child and the joy of pregnancy was still washing over her.

The marketing officer at York St John University was staying late because of the appointment, and in a cruel twist of fate, her late trip home would bring her happiness to an abrupt halt.

Her journey home that night in 2009 turned her life upside down when drink driver Sasha Gaudet hit her in Malton Road.

Gaudet, who had an alcohol reading more than three times the drink-drive limit, hit Angela after her car was ‘righting’ itself from rolling and dragged her 30 to 40ft before stopping in a ditch.

Angela’s head was an inch away from the car’s front tyre and she was left with horrific injuries, including a brain haemorrhage.

The mum-of-two is today backing The Road To Justice campaign, which calls on the Government to re-write sentencing guidelines for dangerous drivers, after Gaudet was sentenced to 14 months.

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Angela, now 37 and mum to Isla, six, and one-year-old Erin, suffered two skull fractures, two broken shoulders, internal bleeding and bruising to her liver, lungs and kidneys and two open fractures of her left leg. The bones in her left foot were also shattered and she suffered complete paralysis to the left side of her face including her eye, and injuries to both ears.

“I feel angry, I don’t feel like justice was served, I’m the one left with the life-long sentence, her sentence was a joke compared with mine,” said Angela.

“Sasha had been on a marathon drinking binge lasting days before smashing her car into a traffic light and taking me along for the ride, l was pregnant with Isla and we are both extremely lucky to be here but over seven years later I still feel imprisoned by my disabilities. Everyday is a slog, a battle of will to continue, a monumental effort.”

Doctors told Angela and her husband Paul Isla might get childhood cancer because of the hospital treatment and the couple contemplated terminating the pregnancy.

The couple decided to keep the baby, but Angela has faced a daily battle since the crash and is struggling to overcome the mental scars.

Angela added: “How are these ridiculously low sentences a deterrent to future would be dangerous drivers?

“They are not much of a punishment, rather they serve as a further insult to victims and their families who have already endured so much. And what is the point of sentencing people to a certain amount of time only for that time to automatically be cut to half?”

To support the campaign, go to and sign the petition to urge MPs to take action.