THE managing director of a thriving North Yorkshire online retail business gave up a career as an analytical chemist to start up her venture in her garage.

That was in 2007, when Rana Harvey set up mannequin supplier Dazzling Dummies,an enterprise which quickly grew sufficiently for it to move to a warehouse at Stockton-on-the-Forest.

In 2014 her company, now called Monster Group, moved again, to premises in Sheriff Hutton that were five times the size of her previous base.

At the time she said: “We have an exciting growth plan for the business and the increased capacity our new site offers is key to that. I like to spot opportunities for new markets and I envisage Monster launching one or two different brands a year.”

The range of products has greatly increased and Monster Group UK now has five divisions - Monster Retail, Monster Racking, Monster Doodle, Monster Scales and Monster Chef.

Mrs Harvey said: “The success of Monster Group has been fundamentally around one core area and that is providing a USP (unique selling point) with every item offered.

“This usually means the product needs to be adapted in some way to offer something special to the customer.”

What job would you like to have other than your own and why?

A job responsible for coming up with names for cosmetics such as nail varnish colours would be so much fun. I could spend all day coming up with names such as ‘Flip Flop Pink’ and ‘Bubbling Blue Margarita’.

Greatest achievement?

Probably raising my kids, but if I am allowed two achievements then I am pretty proud of how far the business has come from just a start-up in my garage.

What makes you most angry?

Empty packets left in cupboards or mess can bring out the monster in me.

Biggest mistake?

I do wish I had travelled more in my younger years. Working abroad somewhere like Dubai or Thailand would have been amazing.

What do you need to make complete?

A crazy guarantee that my family, colleagues and friends will always remain healthy would make my life complete.

Why do you make a difference?

I take other people’s point of view on everything because I firmly believe many minds are far greater than one. Collectively, that always brings positive results.


Everything is possible, have your cake and eat it and then eat it again.