YOUNGSTERS from York schools will get the chance to quiz city politicians during a Question Time-style debate this week.

The event, held at York High School at 6pm on Wednesday, will see pupils from schools in the west of York question a panel, including the leader of City of York Council, councillor David Carr.

Participating schools include York High School, Acomb Primary, Poppleton Road Primary, Carr Junior School, Hob Moor Primary, St. Barnabas Primary and Westfield Primary.

Children from each school are coming up with questions to put to the councillors.

Tracey Ralph, headteacher at Westfield Primary, said: “Schools are obliged to teach British values, which includes democracy, and there is no better way to teach children about democracy than through their first hand experience of it. The west of York has a strong partnership of schools with a shared commitment to ensuring that our children grow into good citizens, who make a positive contribution to their community.”

She said the schools want their students to value the right to vote when the time comes.

Mrs Ralph added: “It is great that York’s politicians give so generously of their time to some of the city’s youngest citizens. We have high career aspirations in the west, and it would be fabulous if in the future the West Question Time panel could include one of our own pupils, if this event inspires one of them to go into politics.”

Joining Cllr Carr on the panel will be Cllr Andy D’Agorne, of the Green party, Acomb Ward councillors Keith Myers, a Conservative, and Labour’s Stuart Barnes, and Andrew Waller, Lib Dems councillor for the Westfield Ward.

There is a non-political panel member - Rosie Wall, of Chapelfields Residents’ Association.

Parents from all the partner schools have been invited to attend the event.