The French Chef at Home, Yves Quemerais is originally from Paris but moved with his family to the UK in 2012 – without speaking a word of English.

It was Anne, Yves’ wife, who first fell in love with Yorkshire as a schoolgirl when on an exchange visit to her pen pal. A confirmed Anglophile, Anne later shared her love of God’s Own Country with Yves and the two even spent their honeymoon in Harrogate during the winter of 1994.

After several years working as head chef at restaurants in Paris and then more latterly as a private chef in corporate boardrooms, the Quemerais’ love for all things Yorkshire - scenery, heritage, way of life - didn’t go away and, in fact, grew.

Knowing Yorkshire people appreciate their food just as much as the French, a plan was hatched and the family made the brave decision to move to Yorkshire permanently. Yves established his private chef business, The French Chef at Home, with the aim of creating the traditional gourmet flavours of France using the best seasonal locally produced ingredients.

Classically trained under acclaimed chef Alain Ducasse, owner of Michelin starred restaurants worldwide, Yves creates authentic and bespoke French cuisine at people’s homes for special occasions, corporate events or just a luxury night in. He even offers tutorials at home for between one and four people and can be found at food and country shows around the county sharing and demonstrating some of his cookery techniques.

Outside of work, he is a keen tennis player and enjoys spending time with his family trying out some of the UK’s finest restaurants.

What job would you like to have other than your own and why?

As a Frenchman, I love my wine and would relish the opportunity to set up a vineyard in the UK. I know there are some very successful award-winning ones here in Yorkshire, but for me this would be the challenge of a lifetime.

Greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement to date, both professionally and personally, is coming to England and setting up my private chef business. Despite the obstacles to overcome – including learning a completely new language - I am doing what I love in a county I love. What makes you most angry?

I get very frustrated when people are not interested in trying new foods and taste experiences. The popular are popular for a reason but just try an experience before you say that you don’t like it.

Biggest mistake?

My biggest mistake was in finishing my academic and cultural studies far too early. I was a child of just 16 when I finished school and went into apprenticeship. I had always cooked and loved the sense of accomplishment which came with creating a dish enjoyed by everyone so it was natural that I would look to hospitality for my career.

What do you need to make life complete?

At this stage, my life is pretty much complete. I’ve achieved my dream of coming to live in the UK and I’ve spent the past four years setting up my business and doing a job that I am passionate about.

Why do you make a difference?

My mission is to bring a different vision of French cooking to the UK and to encourage my customers to go beyond the tried and tested. Epitaph He was a good chef, generous and happy!