A YORK councillor has criticised the Government’s stance on fracking, but says the city’s “hands are tied” over local plans.

Cllr Andrew Waller, the Liberal Democrat Executive member for the environment, said the latest draft of the minerals and waste joint plan - soon due to be considered by the authority - will be forced to disregard a no-fracking commitment, due to national legislation.

Cllr Waller said: “We will continue to call for alternatives such as renewable energy as the best way to tackle climate change and work to protect as much of the city as possible.

“However, the council’s hands are tied as the Conservative government is determined to ignore local councils and push through fracking against the wishes of local communities. We think it should be up to local people to decide.”

York Press:

Cllr Waller said the report also highlights that the council will have no decision making power over the distance between housing and fracking sites, and he believed “residents should have the same powers to object as they do with other planning applications such as wind turbines”.