PEOPLE in York are more satisfied but also more anxious about their lives than most other Brits, new data shows.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published data about personal well being, and broken it down by area.

The figures show that in York, people are more satisfied with their lives than the national average, but are generally more anxious about their situation.

Dawn Snape of the Office for National Statistics, said: “We have seen personal well-being improving on a UK-wide basis over the past five years. But today’s data paints a richer picture, enabling people to explore what’s been happening in their local area.

“This will help individuals, communities and local authorities to look at well-being locally alongside other more traditional measures of progress.”

York’s “life satisfaction” rating was 7.82/10 - just higher than the national average of 7.65/10. York also reported being more satisfied than those in Ryedale, Selby and the East Riding, where the averages were 7.81/10, 7.76/10 and 7.79/10 respectively, and York’s score has been steadily growing since 2011.

The ONS’s researchers asked people four questions about personal wellbeing: how satisfied are you with your life, to what extent do you feel the things you do in your life are worthwhile, how happy did you feel yesterday, and how anxious did you feel yesterday?

On the final question, answers showed that people in York tend to be marginally more anxious than the national average with a mean score of 3.18/10 - higher than the UK figure of 2.87/10, and higher than the scores for the East Riding, Ryedale and Selby which were all slightly below average.