YOUNG people from around North Yorkshire gathered in York this weekend to look at how to improve policing procedure.

The Youth Commission on Police and Crime for North Yorkshire was founded last year as a way for anyone aged between 14 and 25 to have their say on the problems they face and how police can help tackle them.

The PCC’s office confirmed in June that the service would receive £50,000 to continue over the next two years, and Saturday saw dozens of young people meet to discuss how they could help North Yorkshire Police connect with their peers, and raise issues they want to see tackled.

York Press:

The Youth Commission. Picture by David Harrison.

Rose Dowling, project director, said: “I’ve been really impressed with how North Yorkshire Police have been taking this really seriously.

“The pilot really showed there’s a real need and opportunity to work with young people as partners to come up with solutions, and North Yorkshire Police are working really hard on the recommendations from the pilot and how they can make changes to the way they work."

York Press:

Last year, more than 1,600 young people around North Yorkshire shared their thoughts on legal highs and drug abuse, cyber-bullying and internet safety, while among the topics discussed by the groups this weekend were hate crime, mental health issues, and the potential introduction of motor maintenance or safety classes for young drivers.

Fay Wileman, 20, from York, took part in the pilot and has returned for the second year.

She said: “We made really good progress with the pilot, and I wanted to make sure it continues and the police keep listening and we can make a difference.”

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