A RETIRED greengrocer who believes he was born lucky is celebrating after winning £250,000 through the National Lottery.

Mike Skipsey, 80, now plans to use some of his winnings to improve his beloved back garden.

He said: “I’ve always said I was born lucky and that good things will happen to good people but I couldn’t believe that I’d ever win on the National Lottery. This win is going to open up so many doors for my family and I.

“The garden has been my pride and joy since retiring so now, thanks to this win, I’ll get the chance to make it even better.”

Mike, from Thirsk, scooped the £250,000 top prize on the Hot Money Scratchcard from National Lottery GameStore.

He described how he was going about his normal morning chores on the day he won.

He explained: “I went to the local petrol station to collect the morning papers and fancied my chances on a scratchcard. I just felt lucky and this particular scratchcard caught my eye.

“I got my papers and then went home.

“I made a cup of tea and then sat down to scratch the card.

“As I scratched it, I could not believe what I was seeing. I just thought this cannot be right – it must be £2.50.

“I immediately picked up the phone to Camelot to check what I was seeing really was true.

“When it was confirmed I really was a winner and I had won a quarter of a million pounds I just started to shake – and I don’t think I have stopped! The news really is still sinking in.”

The first people Mike told were his three children, Andrew, 54, Shauna, 50, and Heather, 50, who initially thought he was joking.

Mike now intends to give a portion of his win to his children as well as his eight grandchildren.

He also has eyes on a new Vauxhall Vectra to replace his old car – a Vauxhall Astra Life – which he bought more than ten years ago.

He said: “Family is so important to me. I want to give them a helping hand and a chance to give them whatever they want, whether that’s a holiday or money towards a deposit on a house.

“Of course, I’m also going to treat myself as well.

"My car has been due an upgrade for some time so this will enable me to bring this purchase forward and pursue my hobby of fishing.”

Mike bought his winning scratchcard at his local Tesco petrol station in Station Road, Thirsk.