CAMPAIGNERS have gagged various statues across Yorkshire, to highlight their calls for greater regional devolution.

The Yorkshire Party (formerly Yorkshire First) placed gags on statues around the region, including that of Constantine outside York Minster.

They placed posters on others, including on the plinths of the statues of William Etty in Exhibition Square and George Leeman at the corner of Station Rise and Station Road.

Stewart Arnold, acting leader of the party, said: "It's appropriate today, Yorkshire Day, to draw attention to the fact that Yorkshire has no 'voice' in the same way that Scotland, Wales and even London have when it comes to running its own affairs.

"We want the opportunities here that would make a difference to our lives starting with real educational investment. After all, school funding per pupil in London is more than double that of those in Yorkshire.

"Meanwhile, Scotland has seen the reopening of railways lines closed for over 50 years and has a moratorium on the granting of fracking licences."