THE MP for York Central said today she will not be stepping down with those leaving Labour's Shadow Cabinet.

Overnight, Hilary Benn was sacked as Shadow Foreign Secretary, and throughout Sunday four more Labour ministers have resigned as a show of no confidence in party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Rachael Maskell told The Press today she will remain in her role as Shadow Defence Minister, and is determined to focus on the country's problems rather than in-party fighting.

She said: "First and foremost I have never been engaged in personal politics and I won't get engaged now. There was a lot of talent on all sides of the party and I believe the issues should be the priority. It's about getting things done and I will continue to do that.

"Obviously, there is a situation occurring we know the referendum happened and as a result we know there are real challenges and I have always viewed it as our responsibility to take collective responsibility and work together to deal with those issues.

Ms Maskell said York voters and the majority of Labour voters around the country had voted to remain within the EU, but all must now accept the result of the referendum and work together for the future of the country.

She said: "We have a constitutional crisis and an economic crisis. We have seen the scale of the impact on the pound and now have a crisis with our neighbours across Europe after we have worked as friends for the best part of 70 years building peace.

"I believe now is the time to focus on the issues involved. I'm going to Westminster on Monday to talk about how to bring greater stability at this time."

Ms Maskell said she hoped to speak at the PRP to "set forward issues that aren't about leadership of the party, but about what we do now with regards the crisis that's unfolding because of the referendum".