A PUNK rocker could be jailed after admitting a religiously motivated assault on a York vicar.

Stevie Ze Suicide, a former drummer with the band UK Subs, reacted with foul-mouthed sexual and religious abuse and poked the Rev Jane Nattrass when she asked him to leave St Olave's Church after a funeral service so that she could close the church, York magistrates heard.

He has a previous conviction for racially abusing a Turkish takeaway owner who was delivering leaflets to houses in his street.

Stevie Ze Suicide, who was charged under his real name Steven George Roberts, 61, of Fern Street, York, pleaded guilty to religiously aggravated assault on December 7.

Magistrates adjourned his case for probation officers to prepare a report on him and warned him he could be jailed when he returns to court for sentence. They released him on bail.

They heard how he was sat at the back of the church with his dog while a funeral was in progress on December 7.

Afterwards, the priest asked him to leave. He responded with a swear word and the words "What would Jesus be saying now? He would not be throwing me out, you hypocrite".

He continued with more swear words and made allegations about the priest's sex life.

He concluded with "I will get you next time" and more insults.

He had been due to stand trial on the charge but changed his plea to guilty shortly before it was due to start. Mrs Nattrass is priest-in-charge of York city centre churches.

In 2013, York magistrates heard how he clenched a fist and threw a leaflet at a restaurant owner. The Turkish man said he would take the leaflet away if he didn't want it and asked him to calm down.

But Roberts responded by calling him names, made racist comments and was aggressive. When the victim asked why he was behaving in that manner, Roberts replied: "Because you don't speak English".

About the time of his appearance before York magistrates for racial abuse, he was preparing to launch an anti-racism album.