JOZ Norris will bring a preview of his 2016 Edinburgh Fringe show, Hello Goodbye, to the Burning Duck Comedy Club in York on June 14.

A Fringe regular, Norris has encountered both love and death this year. "So, what he's saying might have some emotional heft. Probably not though!" says Burning Duck promoter Al Greaves. "He's also been inventing things in 2016, and at least one of them is genuinely brilliant. He's met a werewolf too."

Norris is an award-winning actor and a frequent collaborator with several cult comedy groups, such as the Weirdos Collective since 2012. His solo comedy gigs have ranged from character and stand-up shows for the Edinburgh Fringe to conceptual performance art one-offs for Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival.

For the first half of Tuesday's show at The Black Swan in Peasholme Green, Burning Duck will play host to the return of their Student Comedian of the Year competition, finding out who will follow in the footsteps of last year's inaugural winner, Eleanor Mason.

"The main prize will be a paid spot at an upcoming Burning Duck Comedy Club gig, plus a big Toblerone and unique comedy development opportunities," says Al, who has asked Duck favourite Sean Morley to be the night's MC.

“I’m excited to bring Joz to the Burning Duck," Al continues. "He's part of London’s Weirdos Collective, who are at the forefront of the interesting comedy revolution, along with other acts we’ve already introduced to York, such as Phil Jarvis and Karl Schulz, and acts we've lined up for our Woodsduck Comedy Festival next month, such as Matthew Highton and Cheekykita.

“I’m also pleased to be able to help develop York’s grassroots scene with our Student Competition and to give newer acts an opportunity to play at a professional comedy night."

Responding to the Hyena Lounge Comedy Club announcing its departure from York, Al "isn’t too concerned". “Since we started in October 2014, we’ve booked lots of awesome performers like Seymour Mace, who went on to be nominated for best show at the Edinburgh Fringe last year. As well as Bec Hill, who has become the new host of Sky’s DC Fancast and comedy stalwart Dave Johns, who has since played the lead role in Ken Loach’s new movie, I, Daniel Blake, which has just won the Palme D’or at the Cannes Film Festival." he says.

"We're also the only professional comedy night that regularly books sketch and character comedy and we liaise with other York midweek professional nights, such as Tom Taylor's excellent Sitting Room, which recently booked Amy Gledhill, another up and coming local act who we've had several times as an MC and believe will go on to greater things.

"Next month we've also booked rising stars Holly Burn and Foxdog Studios, and we'll continue to be a breeding ground for stars of the future.”

After noting Hyena Lounge promoter Toby Clouston-Jones's comments that "York is too backward looking and lacks modern entertainment" and that the city's comedy scene is "changing and not for the better", Al says: "In my opinion, that's simply unfair and untrue.

"We concede that we might not yet be able to match some of the fees comedians receive at bigger weekend clubs, but we're negotiating with larger venues in York about putting on larger-scale mixed bill and touring shows, and as they say, 'from small acorns, large oaks doth grow'."

Al looks forward to next month's return of York's Great Yorkshire Fringe, where Burning Duck will book shows as part of the Free Fringe, including the return of Burning Duck's three-day Woodsduck Comedy Festival at The Black Swan from July 22 to 24 July. In keeping with last year, all these shows will have free entry but with the option of guaranteeing a ticket in advance for £5.

“The Great Yorkshire Fringe has already booked some wonderful acts, so we're very excited to be involved with this year's festival, which promises to be weirder, wiser and more wonderful than ever," says Al.

Tickets for Burning Duck and Free Fringe shows are available at Joz Norris tickets cost £5, students £3, or £7 on the door from 7.45pm.