by Alex Willmott

When you are asked to write a York guide to the best pubs to watch Euro 2016, it initially sounds like a great piece to write.

Then you realise you risk annoying some really hard landlords. So, I don't care what the sub editor has decided as a headline, but if it uses the word 'definitive' it's a lie.

This is a list of six different places where I really enjoy watching football and having a jar or two. (And as a Welshman, I might well need that second jar for one particular group stage fixture).

So, in no particular order, here are six well worth considering when the action kicks off on June 10...

York Press:

6) The Knavesmire

Nestled beside the racecourse, this is a pub with nice big rooms for a decent sized crowd. The bar is very long and it's clear that they take sport seriously. And unlike town pubs, those impatient and annoying groups who march in, stay for twenty minutes and then barge out to the next pub aren't a problem. Those opting to watch the game here are usually in it for the long haul, which is great for consolation reasons as well as collectively going bonkers if and when England score.

  • Alex's drink picks: Brass Castle, Timothy Taylor's Golden Best, Great Heck, Rooster

York Press:

5) Keystones

There's always going to be a special place in the football fan's heart for the beer and the burger combination during a game. With more of a student vibe, those a tad older like myself can sometimes feel a bit Ned Flanders amongst the skinny jeans massive. But with lots of widescreens, an uber comfortable living room area with a massive projector screen, and a city centre's gonna get loud here. But if it gets too loud, head out to the walled beer garden with heat lamps and a TV screen.

  • Alex's drink picks: Innis & Gunn Toasted Oak IPA, Mojito, Apple Zu, Crafty Dan, 13 Guns

York Press:

4) The Leeman Rose (pictured during a previous tournament)

If I didn't mention one of my locals, I'd get smashed up like a goose egg. For those on the Leeman Road side of the city, this newly refurbished pub boasts of a sizeable projection screen, smart interior and the Leemo Cafe next door for those needing some bacon to take their mind off the penalties.

Passionate England football fan Tim Kinslow, who owns the bar, has also mentioned something about putting hotdogs on for the England matches too. If you're not looking for the corporate wash of bland neutrality that is often dominant in sports bars, this could be a Euro 2016 gem with a real 'local' feel.

  • Alex's drink picks: Amstel, Old Peculier, Lemon Hooch, Dark Fruits Strongbow

York Press:

3) The Graduate

It's massive in here folk, with loads of screens scattered throughout, and also some wonderful beers on offer. With two floors and two bars, a very smart beer garden and a pretty impressive menu, this ideally located city pub will definitely be one of the busiest during the tournament.

One of the stand out positives is how the staff take both the beers and the cocktails seriously. So, if your partner isn't too keen on a pint of the amber nectar, there's still plenty of poisons too choose from. And for those not too fussed on watching every single minute, the Graduate has a lovely sectioned off area with snugs, tables and sweet leather armchairs, not to mention their very smart 'not so secret garden'.

  • Alex's drink picks: Brewdog Punk IPA, Einstok Pale Ale, Liefmans Fruitesse Fruit Beer, Harviestoun Old Engine Oil, Goose Island Honkers Ale

York Press:

2) The Windmill

As soon as you walk in, it's a sports stadium atmosphere. Yes, there are sometimes queues that drive you to the point of insanity, but the sections that show sport, especially in the big screen lounge, are just superb. Loads of room for groups and lots of tables to help you gorge your mind off your emotions. Great for tacos and a very tasty 'Jerk chicken' dish to set you up for watching a Wales vs England final. Imagine that.

  • Alex's drink picks: Maisel’s Weisse, Amstel, Guinness Dublin Porter, Brooklyn Lager, Goose Island IPA, Liefmans Fruitesse.

York Press:

1) The Micklegate at 127

Welcome to the thunder dome. If you love being surrounded by screens stadium-bar style, then this place really is - unbelievable, Jeff. You'll find a contemporary interior, a large bar with great beers on offer, all surrounded by screens galore. Watching sport is clearly a priority for the 127, which also boasts of tv booths. However, the chance of bagging one of them on match day is almost as high as, well, a home nation winner.

  • Alex's drink picks: Rudgate Perles of Wisdom, Rakau, Rosie's Pig, Swedish Blonde Aurora