The best estimates of civilians and disarmed soldiers killed by the Nazi regime and its collaborators include the deaths of up to 6 million Jews, 5.7 million Non-Jewish Soviet civilians, 3 million Soviet prisoners of war, 1.8 million Non-Jewish Polish civilians, 312,000 Serb civilians, 250,000 people with disabilities, 200,000 Roma (Gypsies), 1,900 Jehovah's Witnesses, at least 70,000 criminal offenders and unknown numbers of homosexuals and German, anti-Nazi, political prisoners.

To have a group of fascists on the streets of York bearing a banner claiming that ‘Hitler Was Right’, as we did on Saturday, dishonours the memory of all those who fought against the Nazi regime. The roll of honour at York St John University alone lists 54 members of that institution who died fighting the Nazis.

These fascists also claimed that 'Refugees are not Welcome’. They are wrong. Over a five year period, York is offering sanctuary to 60 refugees fleeing the slaughter of the war in Syria. Faith groups and the voluntary and community sector have joined the city council to state clearly that refugees are welcome here.

We need to protect the democratic traditions so many died to uphold. Masked fascists with a message of hate have no place on the streets of our city.


  • Esme Madill and Dr Simon Parker, Madill Parker Research & Consulting Ltd, York
  • Cllr Dave Taylor, The Right-Honourable, the Lord Mayor of York
  • Cllr Keith Aspden, deputy leader of City of York Council
  • Barbara Lodge, York Amnesty Group
  • Ben Leatham, University of York Students' Union
  • Ben Drake, York Unite Against Fascism and York City Unison
  • Rebecca Allan, PCS Union, North & West Yorkshire
  • Dan Webster, York Music for Refugees
  • Graham Martin, York People’s Assembly
  • Jane Lund & Clea Grady, York Says Refugees Welcome Here
  • Jane Carter, York SUTR (Stand Up to Racism)
  • John Williamson, RAY (Refugee Action York)