I REACTED with horror and disgust at the news that the agricultural industry wants to restart feeding animal remains to other animals.

These are the same people who introduced vCJD into the human population.

So far, as luck would have it, the number of human cases is low.

In particular, the proposal is to feed chicken remains to pigs and pig remains to chickens. I am not a vegetarian, yet but it looks like I may have no choice soon.

Presumably, they will argue that this is a safe practice.

What about the transmission of viruses between the species, for example bird 'flu?

We know birds can pass this to humans, so why not bird to pig, and then, suitably mutated, back to humans?

This practice of animal-to-animal feed, is, I feel, best avoided to ensure the safety of the end consumer, us.

Chris Clayton, Hempland Drive, York.