A POSTMISTRESS has joined disgruntled staff from across the country by taking legal action against the Post Office.

Wendy Martin, who has run York's Crichton Avenue shop since February 2015, closed her business for two weeks last August, after which time it re-opened, after refusing to spend her own money balancing the branch's books. 

Mrs Martin claimed the Post Office's Horizon system, which is used for payment transactions, was unable to cope with demand and the broadband connection kept cutting out.

This stopped payments processed in the shop from being picked up by the company's internal system and accounts showed a shortfall.

Mrs Martin's business was hundreds of pounds down at the end of the month and she was left to make up the missing cash.

The controversial system has led to other postmasters being accused of theft, with some being jailed.

Mrs Martin has been reimbursed hundreds of pounds by the Post Office, but claims she has not received a penny to make up for the two weeks she had to close.

She said: "They may believe it's all fine and dandy after paying me but I don't think it is.

"They may have compensated me for all the losses I put into the system but there has still been issues.

"I've been fighting with the management since the end of last year."

The High Court action has been launched after a report by forensic accountant Second Sight - which was appointed by the Post Office - found in July 2013 the system had defects that caused shortfalls.

A spokesman for the Post Office said: "We are aware of a claim and will be defending our position through the legal processes."